My first time ever with Irresistible Me Diamond

Usually I'm not the review writing kind of girl but when Irresistible Me kindly offered an opportunity to collaborate I immediately smelled a cool challenge. In other words I had never in my life straightened my hair using my own two hands... and a flat iron of course. My hairdresser did once straighten those stubborn locks but I remember the result wasn't very durable. So of course I was curious and chose Irresistible Me's professional hair straightener (⇦click to see the original product) and put it to the ultimate test a week ago.

Irresistible Me (their shop link) is a brand based in New York and they specialize in 100% natural Remy clip-in hair extensions, hair accessories and hair tools. The device I chose is a tourmaline flat iron with a digital display and instant heat-up. Its two ceramic plates are coated with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline and this technology should protect your hair and make the styling last longer against air humidity. It gets hot (450°F/230°C) in up to 15 seconds and comes with intelligent heat display that lets you constantly see the temperature, and if necessary, easily change it. All buttons are on the inside, so you don't accidentally change the settings.

This smart dual voltage gadget automatically changes its voltage to the one used in your country and the temperature display suitably to Celsius or Fahrenheit, making it perfect for travelling. But it requires an adapter if you're like me living in Europe and wanting to plug it in. One of the photos below shows you my little scheme with the white adapter which cost 5€ here in my hometown.

So in order to make sure if everything Irresistible Me promised was actually true I tried and tested every possible function and button. Do remember it was my first time ever to use a device like that, and it honestly was a piece of cake! I simply turned it on, dialed 190°C (because the maximum temperature 230°C seemed like too much) and started straightening my fairly thick hair. Having thick hair conjointly meant it took me at least half an hour to do the job but at times it seemed like a whole eternity. Anyway, as a successful result my hair remained straight for at least two days - it survived a shower, strong wind, humidity, a serious climb to the top of a 52 metre high lighthouse and a lot more.

Also a few words about the products I used besides Irresistible Me's fancy gadget. The night before straightening I washed my hair and added Oriflame HairX CC cream (product link) before brushing the towel-dried hair with my 2-year-old precious pink Tangle Cherub (product link). After the process of straightening I also used Professional Style hair spray with pro-vitamin B5 (product link). It was the smallest and cheapest (less than a euro) I found from the supermarket but it successfully preserved my straight hair for at least two days without adding anything on the second day and as a nice bonus didn't make my scalp itch.

All in all it was pretty cool to be so sleek and wave-free for a couple of days. I'm sure I will repeat the process and spend some more days like that in the future. But another tough challenge would be making some fancy looking curls with my Diamond hair styler! I already tried a little but those few weren't too fancy so this challenge definitely lies ahead of me. Let me know how you liked this unusually long review and I'll see you already in the next post which will probably be about one of our many recent road or sea trips.


Birthday recap

Hey y'all! Time has been seriously flying since my last post. And my big birthday is already dusty, spider web covered history but I thought I would still kindly share it with you in today's quick comeback post. And I swear this time I really mean it when I say "quick" because I'm already working on a review where I'm putting a certain beauty device to the test for the very first time in my life. So be prepared for my experience with that "mysterious" gadget but right now I'm going to share a few words about the birthday.

The right day of my big 3-0 was June 14, a Tuesday and also a regular 8,5-hour workday. So I decided to celebrate my birthday on June 18, the next Saturday after the actual day. And since it (obviously) was my biggest birthday so far I picked a cosy little café called Kohvik O (see their online home here) for the extensive feast and family gathering. It's around 30 km from my hometown and there were 11 people around the three round tables.

The menu included parmesan breaded chicken with mint sauce, fresh salad and potato chips for the main course, good old Brita cake for dessert and antipasti, cheese and fruit selection plus lavash rolls for snacks. Kohvik O's food was delicious as always and I can assure you everyone was at least slightly groaning after we had finished. In fact - I kind of miss the main course. Those potato chips with mint sauce were really awesome!

Anyway, the first group of photos, taken at the café, is Pillery's Photography's colourful creation and you can visit her beautiful home page here, Facebook page here and Instagram account here. But the very first photo of today's post was taken with my phone during an almost 24-hour-long blackout we were "lucky" enough to experience after we got home from the party.

Below I also have a second bunch of photos* where for one thing you can see my very simple outfit of the (birth)day. Everything except my good old thrifted jacket came from Tenerife and was super cheap. And then there are 5 random snaps of some of my lovely presents to illustrate today's thematic and slightly relieve some potential curiosity.
*mostly taken by me during the previously mentioned blackout, except those quick outfit snaps the husband took with my phone

 thrifted Zara TRF faux leather jacket | top from Tenerife's HiperDino supermarket | lefties jeans and shoes (on sale here).

So I hope you enjoyed this quick birthday recap and like I already mentioned - a review is coming up next time. Our long-awaited summer vacation is also finally here and so will shortly be our day trip to Helsinki and other cool things. Till next time... which will hopefully definitely come sooner than a month!