My April moments

Hey, everyone who's still reading this perhaps a little abandoned blog nest! I always appreciate it and I thought I would share some of my April moments with you before May totally takes over and brings lots of fresh material to the table. So, without further ado I'm going to start off with the beginning of April, i.e. April 2-11. We prepared our greenhouse for the very slowly approaching new gardening season, even replaced all the soil with a new, more fertile one. I also scattered some mizuna, crimson lettuce, radish and spinach seeds under the shade cloth and they were successfully growing when I last checked.

Beautiful blue hepaticas in our flowerbed have reproduced and lately, out of nowhere I discovered a handful of really cool pink ones next to them. Our plant babies for the greenhouse, balcony and garden are persistently growing as well and to wrap up our beginning of April on a completely different note we tried those overly sweet tutti frutti and caramel donuts which fulfilled our donut appetite for a very long time... or just until we come across some really irresistible ones again.

Now, the second group of April moments contains snaps taken between April 12 and 27. First two I captured during one of my quick lunchtime walks near the work place. By the way, last Thursday was the historical day when I walked home from work for the first time. Me, a complete car person! It took me around half an hour compared to the 5-10 minutes it takes with the car but to tell you the truth it was totally worth it and I did it again on Friday and will do it again today.

On April 14 we visited E's grandparents who live at a decent distance of 200 km from us. Their dachshund Tuks turned 10 years old that weekend. Conjointly we visited our favourite garden centre Hansaplant where the husband suddenly discovered himself in the middle of the carnivorous plants paradise and brought four new ones home with him. We didn't actually celebrate Easter but I bought those pretty daffodils and a couple of kind relatives gave us some festive treats as well. And April 20 I spent in our capital town where I got smarter and afterwards trained all my colleagues. I also walked around 8 km that day and did some sale shopping in Stockmann before taking the last train home.

So I hope you guys enjoyed today's photo post. I haven't been the most active photographer lately but I seriously hope it's going to immediately change in May because our Adriatic Sea holiday is just around the corner! We're going to try a quite new Sheraton hotel this time and I'm really excited! Wish us luck and beautiful weather and see you in the next post!


Bits and pieces - a miscellaneous photo post

Hello and happy March, my dearest readers! I hope you can already smell the freshly arrived spring outside because I certainly can, slowly but surely, with plenty of wind and rainfall but it still feels so much better than winter. Beautiful snowdrops have settled in our front yard and the little lilac hedge in our back yard is covered in big green buds. And my green fingers totally start to itch when I think about setting up our new bigger and better box garden, reviving the greenhouse and seeing how the flowerbeds are starting to turn green after their annual hibernation. And today's post is going to be a diverse one because the photos I wanted to share just don't make a unified group. There will be gardening and sowing, quick glimpses of our fresh veranda, a generous shoe haul, an outfit and even some forgotten snow from February.

So let's begin with the girly stuff! My simple and casual outfit of the day dates back to February 25 and that's how I usually look like during all the colder days - wearing jeans with a sweatshirt/sweater/cardigan. By the way, I got two new pairs of footwear from the sales before taking those photos - Timberland boots and VICES shoes. My burgundy red Timberland winter boots were around 66€ and I must confess that ever since I bought my very first pair of Timberland boots in January 2016, the ones I'm wearing in the photo below, I can't even think about getting any other winter boots! Do any of you, readers, know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, those beautiful pastel pink suede shoes from VICES cost only 7€ and I think they're absolutely gorgeous. You should definitely check out their pretty web page for serious heaps of beautiful footwear! Oh and on March 1 I got absolutely crazy with golden hues and sales and purchased those shiny 10€ flats from Reserved and also those Stefano Sabella leather boots for 12€! I guess my spring is going to be pink and golden!

Ray-Ban sunglasses | thrifted ESPRIT scarf | Aliexpress sweatshirt (link) | thrifted Levi's jeans | Timberland boots.

Anyway, let's talk about the second half of today's post. Of course I've gathered some new seeds for the new gardening season and today mostly paprikas/peppers, (cherry) tomatoes, eggplants, leeks and some marigolds, cresses and forget-me-nots are slowly growing. Plus a persimmon, an avocado and some papayas from the seeds we picked from fruits we have eaten. Two early cucumbers are growing too. But almost a month has already passed since taking this photo of my plant babies! So I'll take fresh photos after I've moved my plants from upstairs to downstairs where they're going to settle in our new veranda which you can also peek from today's photos.

Then there are a couple of snowy shots from February 5 when we visited E's grandparents for a weekend to celebrate his grandmother's birthday. You can also see some rosemary and sage from the veranda, evergreen parsley from the greenhouse and of course a mandatory photo of Elvis being extra cute on the stairs. I think it's his favourite place in the whole house because he can see right to the street from there. People, cars, animals, birds - he loves saying what he thinks about them!

So I hope you guys enjoyed today's slightly hectic post because I really felt like such recap was much needed. By the way, have you already found me on Instagram? If not use the banner on the right sidebar because I definitely post more there than I do here. Let me know your thoughts on today's post and see you in the next one as always!